Send all of your garbage to Sweden, please

Let this be a lesson to you, American voters: when you live in a highly developed ultra modern welfare state like Sweden, with excellent healthcare and many other public benefits, the system is secretly so unstable and broken that the entire country is desperately trying to import trash.

Socialist "paradise" Sweden is in such a sad state these days that it can't even produce garbage on its own and has to depend on other countries to provide it with the trash that it needs to keep its citizens from freezing to death. You see, under the Swedish system, citizens somehow manage to recycle approximately 96% of all of the waste that they produce. The remaining 4% gets incinerated and turned into energy that provides heat and electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes. Not enough trash means not enough energy means that the only way to keep warm over the winter is to climb inside a freshly killed moose.

Sweden has therefore decided to import 800,000 tons of trash from Norway (and other EU countries) to keep its energy plants running. All these other countries, of course, pay Sweden for the privilege, and then the ash left over from the incineration process gets shipped right back to them and gets put into landfills. So basically, Sweden is getting paid to produce energy for itself while reducing global landfill mass at the same time, by embracing environmentally friendly and fiscally sound international cooperation.

Clearly, the takeaway for the rest of the world should be this: recycling leads to an energy crisis, socialism means that there will be no more heat or electricity ever, and Sweden is a weird, weird place.

PRI, via Treehugger

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