Science finally conquers that pain after eating something too hot

I burned my mouth drinking coffee twice while typing up this article, so, yeah, Dr. Jason McConville is pretty much a personal hero right now.

With naught but a simple dissolving pad that you place on your tongue, McConville and his team at the University of Texas at Austin are promising to remove that icky dry burn you get after sticking some oh-so-yummy-looking pizza in your mouth just a few moments too soon. Functionally, it's like those strips you can buy to freshen your breath, but to take away light pain caused by a burn.

According to a release by the team, the strip is made of a "local anesthetic, benzocaine, and a therapeutic polymer," which McConville stresses is a non-toxic combo. It may sound like a big solution to a small problem humanity's been putting up with since the dawn of piping-hot food, but there's promise for bigger things here, too.

"Now based at the University of New Mexico, McConville, and his team, will explore creating a stronger oral strip to treat more severe burns lasting longer than 2-3 days. The next step in furthering their research will be to test the strips in humans and experiment with taste-masking."

EurekAlert, via Helablog, via Geekologie

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