Samsung files patent for 'Life Diary' to automate your social life

Samsung has filed for a patent for "An apparatus and method (to) summarize a user's daily life information." The patent goes on to detail its "story generator," which hopefully churns out less wooden language than the patent application itself.

Samsung's system would collect bits of data about your day through your devices various sensors. The patent itself collects "call record, photograph, music file play, position information and the like." What a great (little) Big Brother! The system gathers this information and spits it back out in auto-generated sentences. It doesn't appear that the language will be flowery enough to directly transplant to your memoirs.

As shown in the above image, the early mockups aren't inspiring. The patent, if turned into working software (Galaxy S IV, anyone?) could go either way. The so called Life Diary could become an auto-publishing, over-sharing nightmare that makes Instagram'd food photos look like nothing.

Happily, Samsung seems to be aiming at the small details in the big picture as well. It would be nice to remember the weather, or the state of the moon cycle on the day you had met your significant other. With services like Timehop proliferating, it is clear that there is a market for social media nostalgia alongside the traditional grind of Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the gang.

USPTO, via Engadget

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