Rubik's Cube music controller would offer infinite music mashups

What if you could take the infinite color block mixing dynamics of a Rubik's Cube and toss in a music control and creation device? Such a device sounds like a cool bit of sci-fi imagining, but one designer wants to make it real.

Designed by Hauke Scholz, a student at the Muthesius Academy Of Fine Arts And Design in Germany, the conceptual device would act as a tool for manipulating and creating electronic music. By twisting and turning the device's blocks into a number of different combinations, a myriad of soundscapes, specific patterns, and effects could conceivably be achieved. Scholz created the concept device as part of his final thesis project, but one look at the MusixCube's proposed functionality and it's clear that this would be a must-have in the hands of almost any cutting-edge electronic music producer.

You can check out a demonstration of how the concept device would work in the video below.

Via Yanko

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