Robotic sailboat is a sea-faring drone with unlimited range

We've already grown accustomed to robot drones in the skies, and thanks to Google we're seeing the rise of self-driving cars on the road, so it's only natural that someone moves this dynamic to the seas. To that end, a group of inventors created the Robotboat Mark VI.

The team is comprised of an impressive roster of software and aerospace engineers who wanted to find a way to measure and monitor ocean conditions remotely. Robotboat's onboard computer systems will be powered by solar energy panels, while the boat's movement will rely on a wing sail and an assistive electric propulsion system. The craft will also be equipped with a self-righting mechanism, allowing it to remain afloat in far off waters sending data back almost indefinitely.

Ultimately, the team hopes to deploy a fleet of the robotic boats to assist in managing the environment, sea life, and accidents like oil spills. You can check out the team's in-depth explanation and some footage of the prototype in action in the video below.

Kickstarter, via AMS

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