Robot artist paints unique sleep portraits

Depending on your love of robots (and we just love them here at DVICE) you could either be totally intrigued with the idea of a robot that paints a "picture" of your physical sleep patterns, or frankly you'll be massively creeped out.

Let's start by reassuring you that you don't have to sleep with the robot. It's part of a quirky promotion by the hotel chain Ibis, and merely asks you to tuck in for a regular night's sleep in a bed with 80 sensors embedded inside.

The sensors track everything from your movement, temperature and sound to feed back to the robot artist. Then, in what is sure to be a unique translation of your sleep habits, the robot gets to work — with brush in hand — interpreting your night's activity.

The campaign is appropriately called "Sleep Art," and promotes the idea that combining comfort and technology your sleep will be a "work of art." Those who are interested in giving it a try will have to enter the contest via the Ibis Facebook Page for a chance to visit the robot artist in one of its hotels in London, Paris or Berlin.

Naturally, the guest gets to take their unique little portrait home. No word on whether the portrait covers the sleep and nocturnal activities of couples, but if so, it could be the makings of some interesting modern art.

Via DigitalTrends

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