Remote control Wi-Fi light bulbs are slick, spendy, available now

While most homes aren't quite at the "computer, dim lights" stage yet, Greenwave Reality is making home automation much, much easier with the availability of its Wi-Fi controllable light bulbs. All you need is a home wireless network, and that's it. Screw in these bulbs, and flick 'em on and off through your phone to your heart's content.

What sets Greenwave's Connected Lighting Solution apart from similar things is just how easy it is to set up and use. All you have to do is connect a bit of hardware to your wireless router, install the bulbs, and they just work. Thanks to the miracle of IPV6, each bulb is independently addressable and controllable, and each also acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, sending signals everywhere across your house. An app on your phone can be used to adjust brightness, program timers, and control entire banks of lights with just one single click.

Greeenwave won't be selling these bulbs directly. Rather, you'll buy them from your utility company. The starter kit, which includes four bulbs and "lighting gateway" controller, should run somewhere around $200. In comparison, a quick check of Amazon shows plenty of 40-watt equivalent LED bulbs for around $10. Once you pick up the kit with the controller, though, each bulb after that should be under $20, which makes them not a bad deal at all, especially considering that the controller can handle up to 500 (!) individual bulbs at once.

We'd argue that the big news here is not so much the fact that these rather expensive and borderline gimmicky lightbulbs exist, but rather that it's signalling a shift towards wider availability and ease of use of the whole "Internet of Things" concept — the idea that all of the stuff in your house will one day be able to talk amongst itself, and to you. It's going to go way beyond lights: eventually, your computers and mobile devices and appliances and lights and heat and air conditioning and TVs and speaker and even cars will all be interconnected. You'll be able to control them, of course, but that's not the point. The point is that all of this stuff will be able to control itself without your help, enabling a future with the potential for even more laziness that we all enjoy right now.

Greenwave Reality, via Tech Review

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