Manfrotto KLYP powers up your iPhone's photo taking abilities

The cameras built into smartphones keep getting better, but this means that fewer and fewer people are carrying around a separate camera just for picture taking. Rather than trying to buck this trend, camera accessory maker Manfrotto has decided to embrace the iPhone, by giving it some accessories to pump up its photo performance.

The KLYP is a case for your iPhone that lets you attach a range of accessories that will make your iPhone photos and videos better. The basic case includes a standard camera tripod mount, so you can hold your iPhone still for better pictures. If you don't want the hassle of carrying around a big tripod, they also have a case with a built-in mini tripod for tabletop use.

The other mounting point on the KLYP case lets you attach one of Manfrotto's LED light fixtures, which come in both standard 12 LED and jumbo 24 LED versions, depending on how much light you need. These are designed to supply a steady light source to further enhance the picture, rather than the iPhone's momentary strobe flash.

Add these two enhancements together, and you should be able to get much better pictures from your iPhone, especially at night. Best of all, you still won't have to carry around an additional camera.

Prices for the Manfrotto KLYP range from around $40 for the basic case with the tripod attachment, to about $155 for the tabletop tripod case with the 24 LED light. Currently they are only available for the iPhone 4/4S, but I expect that they are working on iPhone 5 versions as I write this.

Check out the gallery to see the various configurations of KLYP cases.

Manfrotto KLYP, via Design Boom

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