Transforming quad-bike-jet-ski makes a weird amount of sense

Quad bikes and jet skis can both be tons of fun, but the ride ends when you reach the boundary between land and water. The Gibbs Quadski crosses that barrier, allowing you to keep riding no matter what terrain you encounter.

The Gibbs Quadski isn't exactly the first amphibious vehicle, but it is the only one that will chug along at 45-mph on the water — faster than some speedboats. The secret to all that speed lies in the Quadski's engine, which has been borrowed from BMW's K1300 motorcycle.

We saw an early prototype of the Quadski way back in 2006, but now it's finally ready for production. The catch is that the first 1,000 units off the production line in Detroit are going to run around $40,000 a piece.

Check out the video and gallery for more information.

Gibbs Sports, via OhGizmo!

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