Gallery: Custom lighting system produces gorgeous shark photos

Michael Muller, professional photographer, is no slouch. He and two others have patented a system to take 1,200 watt strobe lights underwater. The next step was to introduce his invention to great white and bull sharks.

Muller shoots sharks all around the world, from Fiji to South Africa, and even around to the Galapagos Islands. He utilizes shark cages, but often ventures outside of them to capture photos that are nothing short of jaw dropping, sometimes literally.

Muller's unique lighting rig sees varied use as well. In a Feature Shoot interview, he casually drops that, "These are the same lights I used to shoot The Avengers campaign and all the other commercial/editorial shoots that I do, only we are 70 feet down with dozens of hungry sharks around us." Maybe Muller should audition for a slot as the Justice League's Green Lantern.

Feature Shoot via The Atlantic

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