In photos: Inside Nintendo's decked-out Airstream trailer

You may have heard that Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of the Wii U. Part of that process is a whirlwind press tour which we caught in Miami last week. Nintendo wasn't showing anything we hadn't seen before, but the tricked out Airstream trailer was too cool not to share.

Unfortunately, the Wii U demos were the same shown at E3. They were also still fun. Nintendo Land continues to be an embarrassingly fun assortment of mini-games. Pikmin 3 is a standout, but unfortunately will not make the console's launch date. That leaves Ubisoft with two marquee titles for the launch. Rayman: Legends is a Wii U exclusive sequel to last year's much lauded Rayman: Origins. The 2D platformer is fast-paced, challenging and gorgeous. Many, including me, are predicting that the Wii U's killer app at launch will be Ubi's ZombiU. The survival horror game mixes solid mechanics with the Wii U's unique features in a way that third parties often fail to do on Nintendo systems.

The 3DS showcase was strong too, led by Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Professor Layton, and Skylanders: Giants. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion looks to be a treat as well. The game pays copious homage to Sega's well-remembered Castle of Illusion. Another note, the 3DS XL is fantastic piece of hardware. The larger screen makes the 3D effect much more comfortable for the eyes. If the original 3DS bothered your set of eyeballs, give the XL a look. The difference is remarkable.

More important than silly games was the copious amount of swag that Nintendo stuffed the trailer with. Pikmin plushies, magnetized Mario posters and a mouth-watering collection of Skylanders adorned the inside. Take a look below.

All images below by Nathaniel Wattenmaker for DVICE.

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