My data is worth $348.19 a year to Google — what's yours?

Have you ever wondered which sites are really keeping their eyes on you? How about your value in ad dollars to Google and Facebook? These questions are answered in the extension Privacyfix for Chrome and Firefox.

Privacyfix uses a simple interface to break down how Facebook and Google use your data, personal information and browsing history to make money. We are all familiar with this deal — data for free services — but it isn't often that such a close look is taken at this silent exchange. The extension does an admirable job of explaining how each data set translates to revenue for Facebook and Google. Privacyfix then guides the user through the process of tuning their privacy settings to their own liking.

All of this can be a bit scary, even for a seasoned Internet user. I even ended up tuning a few Facebook settings after the fact. The most interesting data that Privacyfix details is the value of your data to Facebook and Google. Mine? Only a cool $2.28 a year for Facebook, but a whopping $348.19 to Google. Give Privacyfix a shot here and see if you can beat my "score."

Privacyfix, via Ars Technica via Lifehacker

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