MOGA gaming controller launches on Android

Gaming on smartphones can be a pain. Many games and even entire genres need buttons that smartphones have long since evolved beyond, but simulate poorly. Power A's MOGA controller looks to bridge the gap.

The MOGA is fairly straightforward. The controller clips onto the bottom of your Android smartphone (no iPhone), and connects over Bluetooth. The controller itself has four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, a start and select button and, oh yes, dual analog sticks.

Power A's key play lies in its Pivot app. Pivot is a curated portal of MOGA enabled games. The company is touting partners like Sega, Gameloft, Remedy and a few other mobile gaming heavyweights. Pivot, when combined with the solid controller, provides a decent option for those looking for another way to game on the go.

Check out our hands-on at E3 here, and expect a review soon.

Via Power A

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