Microsoft covers New York City and San Francisco with free Wi-Fi

If you plan to be in New York or San Francisco during the holidays and aren't sure how you'll get online, Microsoft has your back. In a promotion for the launch of Windows 8 and the Windows Store, the company is flooding large chunks of both cities with free Wi-Fi until the end of the year.

Teaming up with Boingo, the free service will cover about 200 hotspots, including six key subway stations in Manhattan, in addition to several popular locations in downtown San Francisco. The New York subway station and San Francisco service is available now, while the additional surface-based Manhattan hotspots will be fired up on November 1.

No doubt to get online you'll have to work your way past some on-screen advertising for the Windows Store and Windows 8, but hey, there's no such thing as a free lunch, right?

For us New Yorker's, the subway station service is especially welcome news. We have been promised various types of subway-based connectivity for years, but it's been painfully slow in arriving. Now all we need to do is to convince Microsoft to leave it turned on permanently.

Via Engadget

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