Tiny, simple, automatic Memoto camera captures you in still life

The Memoto isn't a camera like you're used to. It doesn't have a button. Instead, it'll automatically take pictures from wherever you've clipped it, and then it'll create a "searchable and shareable photographic memory" of everything, from high adventure to a lowly stroll.

Memoto's photo-taking probably won't win you a prize — think more along the lines of Instagram. All of the pictures the GPS-equipped Memoto captures pop up in an app on your phone, organized by date and time and location. You can then choose what to share as you like, or keep the record as a digital scrapbook.

Price is often cited as a kicker with concepts, and here it really is: at $250 and with a monthly fee for photo storage (which would need to be voluminous, considering the cam takes two snaps every minute), the cost is the only part about the Memoto package that isn't light and fun. It's designed to be dead simple to use, but the price is asking for a real commitment.

You can learn more about Memoto on its Kickstarter page, where the cute little camera has already secured enough funding to go forward. Also, see more in the video below.

Memoto, via Los Angeles Times

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