McLaren supercar teaser is like a look into a real-life Tron video

Last month, British car manufacturer McLaren Automotive unveiled its latest masterpiece, the P1. But leading up to that unveiling the company created a very special teaser that mixes a bit of art and science.

The video is titled "McLaren versus Aerodynamics," and shows off the earliest hints of the sexy curves of the P1 using stop-motion 3D light painting. To achieve the contours-of-light effect, the company took wind tunnel data used in the testing of the P1 and then fed that data through specialized software. According to McLaren, the video's creation involved rendering1.3 million frames, was comprised of 1.3 terabytes of data, and took 3,600 hours of work.

Although the car has little to do with science fiction--the P1 is very real--the end result of McLaren's approach actually makes the car look like something out of Tron. You can check out the amazing footage in the video below.

Via McLaren on YouTube

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