License plate sensor protects you from automated traffic cameras

You may not realize it, but you're already being policed by robotic systems; specifically, traffic cams. But unlike dystopian visions of humans simply rolling over and taking it from our electronic overseers, in this case there is a way to fight back, and it's called the noPhoto.

The device is a microprocessor-controlled license plate holder that works to detect speeding and red light traffic cameras, and then flashes a bright light that obscures the digits on your license plate when the cameras attempt to take a photo. The designer, Jonathan Dandrow, isn't just some guy looking to flout the law, he really is part of a vanguard of techies concerned about automated law enforcement.

Dandrow told Wired, "I believe that there are others out there who take issue with the gross privacy and constitutional violations that automated traffic enforcement cameras commit." Although this kind of device would seem to tread the margins of legal anti-detection measures, Dandrow claims it is legal because it uses the same technology employed to capture license plate images and doesn't put an actual cover over the license plate.

Dandrow is raising money for mass production of the device via IndieGogo, and if he reaches his goal, the noPhoto will be available to the public for $350 per unit. You can check out how the device works in the video below.

NoPhoto, via Wired, via Boing Boing

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