Image of the Day: News from the future on Reddit 3012

We're always thinking about what the future will look like 'round these parts. Reddit user Gonzoblair, a kindred mind, whipped up an image predicting the Reddit frontpage in 3012. What's in store for the world?

So, some good news from the future: Mars has been colonized (and may be ruled by a robot, which may be putting up with Birther-style conspiracies over where it was manufactured), artificial limbs are common, miniature "pocket whales" are popular pets, and the world is finally, finally getting a Half-Life 3.

On the other hand, celebrities now have to worry about stolen memory files instead of just sex tapes, space travel has opened up new avenues for embarrassments (not being able to hold it on the way to Europa) and grisly injuries (sticking one's hand out a spaceship window during reentry), and America — or its northeast, at least — has collapsed into a cluster of independent tribes.

It's really cleverly done, and worth some study. Click on the image below to see the faux frontpage nice and big, or see it here on Imgur.

Reddit, via Mashable

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