Hacker creates better beer using a Raspberry Pi

Brewing beer is an art. You have to monitor the fermentation and timing to make sure the process ends up as delicious beer instead of something skunky. It's a lot to get right, and now an industrious super geek has hacked his way into taking out the guesswork with the help of a Raspberry Pi.

Dutch homebrew fan Elco Jacobs has created "BrewPi," the ultimate in MacGyver'd brewing equipment. He used a refrigerator, an Arduino board, the Rasperry Pi, custom software and some string.

No, no, we're just kidding about the string. This device is much more sophisticated than that. The fridge has been modified so that its cooling controls are routed through the Arduino board and feeds information into the Raspberry Pi. The Pi has been specifically tweaked to provide and actually control vital stats about the fermenting beer, such as the temperature.

It's so accurate it can get the fermenting brew to within 0.1 degrees of the desired temperature required for your recipe. The BrewPi has a web interface so users can not only monitor the process but also graph what's happening with customizable timetables. For homebrew fans this can be key in experimentation with variations on your brew, plus it means you don't have to open up your mix to check on and potentially ruin or contaminate it.

Like any nice hacker, Jacobs has made the instructions and software open source. All you need is the equipment, some knowledge of Arduino and Linux, and the thirst to drive you onward towards better beer flavored with a bit of Raspberry Pi.

BrewPi, via RaspberryPi, via Geek.com

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