Google's Street View Trekker boldly goes into the Grand Canyon

Google Street View has gone to the Grand Canyon. As you can imagine, cars don't traverse the terrain so well. Enter Trekker, a backpack with a 360-degree camera system.

Google has strapped cameras to all manner of vehicles in pursuit of the best imagery for Street View, but the Trekker boldly goes where wheels cannot. The somewhat awkward looking contraption is controlled by an Android app (of course), and the camera module on top of the pack looks a bit like a soccer ball and contains fifteen different lenses.

To measure precise location data, the Trekker hauls accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers and GPS. Between the pack, the sensors and the camera systems, the Trekker weighs in at 40 pounds. Not too shabby when you're providing the whole world with a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon.

Google, via NPR

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