Get your own personal Death Star with this floating orb of blades

It may be awhile before those sinister robotic drones become affordable for the rest of us, but in the meantime we can practice with other, slightly menacing remote-controlled floating devices. The Space Ball is just such a device, allowing you to control a tiny flying Death Star of your own.

Offered by Japan's Kyosho Egg, the Space Ball is driven by two sets of mini-helicopter-style blades housed inside a sturdy spherical frame. Controlled by an infrared light, the device uses a gyro sensor to automatically right itself into launch position if it somehow falls to the ground. Although the manufacturer doesn't offer any add-ons to spice up the device, this plain floating orb is essentially begging to be modified into something a bit more interesting. (Phantasm drone? Lightsaber training globe? Hovering fake disembodied head for Halloween?)

We saw a similar, larger version of this kind of thing from Japan not long ago, but that cost the Japanese government about $1,400 to make, far more than the mere $80 required to lay your hands on the Space Ball. You can see it in action in the video below.

Via Nikkei

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