Got 99 problems, but this tumblr solved 'em all

Most of the time, DVICE isn't really about making your life better. We mostly just care about tech and science and lasers and sex gnomes and that sort of thing. Today, that changes, as we bring you a gallery of neat little tricks that can make your life better.

These images come from the tumblr of user "shialabeowulf," which is almost worth an article all by itself. There are 99 of them, and remarkably, they're nearly all useful and mostly stuff that we've never seen before, and we spend seriously unhealthy amounts of time looking at stuff like this on the Internet. They're also all solutions that are easy to implement, or can be cheaply done.

We've pulled out 10 of our favorites that relate to tech, but it's definitely worth your time to click through and check out the rest.

Via shialabeowulf

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