12 geeky Halloween costumes for the whole family

Let your geeky self shine this Halloween, but don't forget to include those around you in all the fun. If everyone in your group is fully embracing the holiday spirit, you might get more candy — and if none of you all can pass as age appropriate for trick-or-treating, you can at least have one heck of a party.

So, with candy on the brain, we searched tirelessly to bring you and your friends or significant other or kids, dogs or turtles — yes, turtles! — the most fantastically geeked-out Halloween costumes to pop up recently. Up top is an instant favorite: Frankie the Unidentified Turtle Object (we've got a video of that after the jump). Down below in our gallery, you'll find 11 more ghouls and geeks.

Bring on the festivities!

Here's more of Greg Christenson's Frankie, as promised:

Need More Ideas? Check These Out:

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