Fujitsu develops a convienient spin on second screen experiences

QR codes are occasionally useful at conveying information to end users, but typically operate in a static environment. Fujitsu thinks it can solve this issue, finding a way to convey similar bits and bobs of information from a television straight to your smartphone.

Fujitsu's technology works with standard-issue HDTVs and smartphones. The mechanism operates by adding lights to the video stream that are digital signals interpreted by the phone's camera. On the TV side of the equation, these beams of light are indiscernible to the human eye and will not distract from the normal viewing experience. Because the signals must be interpreted by the phone's camera, which must be physically pointed at the TV, the user is assured of only receiving information of interest. Fujitsu has kept the living room in mind as well, designing the signals to be readable from up to three meters away.

The clear application of the technology is advertising, because, you know, capitalism. Admittedly, it would be useful to see a commercial for a restaurant and see the full menu and location with just a point of my smartphone. The technology, like any that exists at the nexus of laziness and spending money, is a winner.

Fujitsu via CNET

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