'Frankenstorm!' Hybrid super storm stalks New York City

One of the most entertaining things about watching meteorologists assign names to storms is how the names (Irene, Isaac, etc.) begin to anthropomorphize and give character to a weather phenomenon. But wait — how scared should we be when the next storm on the horizon is named "Frankenstorm"?

Scheduled to hit the East Coast of the U.S. during the latter half of this weekend and into next Monday, forecasters are calling this a hybrid system — a "super storm," even — because it is a collection of three distinct storm systems: hurricane Sandy, a winter storm front from the West, and an arctic blast from the North. Hence, Frankenstorm. And just in time for Halloween. Damage predictions include downed trees and even major power outages, all focused in and around New York and New Jersey, with states as far off as Florida and Maine feeling the effects of the storm as well.

Think this is all exaggeration? Well, down below is a weather forecast that actually uses footage from the movie The Perfect Storm to bring home the point. After showing us a few terrifying graphics from the film, the weatherman says Frankenstorm could actually be worse!

Hopefully, this is all just dramatic bluster, but if you're anywhere near the East Coast in the next few days, it wouldn't hurt to take the necessary precautions. Or, spend the downtime writing a science fiction script with the most awesome storm name in the history of weather forecasting.

Via Weather Channel

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