More people are using Wi-Fi names to tell off their neighbors

We thought we knew all we'd ever need to know about naming a wireless network. Don't use your name or address — basically, just stay away from using personal information at all. Pretty standard, right?

Not anymore. This simple setup step is being used increasingly for a secondary, and much more sinister purpose: To send (pretty hilarious) passive-aggressive messages to neighbors with semi-anonymity.

Here are some of our favorites, courtesy of the BBC:

  • "Stop Stealing My Paper!" and the culprit replies: "FYI, I Don't Read It I Just Throw It Away!"
  • "You're music is annoying!" followed with, "Your grammar is more annoying!"

Here are some one-sided noise complaints:

  • "Shut The Barking Dog Up No 7"
  • "Stop slamming the door!!!"
  • "Stop wearing heels!"
  • "Shut up"
  • "Stop running"
  • "Stop shouting!"

This might not be the most mature approach, but who hasn't felt hostile toward a loud/annoying/drunk/rude or otherwise less than ideal neighbor? I guess this is one way to show them what you really think without the awkwardness that could arise from confrontation.

Have you ever aired your grievances via Wi-Fi network?


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