Forget Gibson, let 3D printers do all the work

As anyone who owns a guitar can attest to, one of the coolest part of owning one is the origin story. Sometimes, you get air guitars that can play music, sometimes you get ones riddled with bullet holes (well, this happened to me, once), sometimes you have Jimmy Page's old axe, sometimes you print one out. Wait, what?

Yep, Scott Summit will be wowing partygoers for years with his guitar that he designed on a computer and used 3D printing to make a reality. It's kind of amazing, when you think about it. This means quicker and more affordable guitar making, which can lead to all sorts of different sounds, shapes and styles.

And it turns out that it sounds alright. "It's rich and full and has a great tonal range," says Summit, whose next step is to begin experimenting with radical design.

The neck of the guitar is stainless steel and the headstock was printed with sterling silver. All included, it cost about $3,000.

Via Businessweek

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