Fix bad pictures after the shot with this impressive deblurring app

How many times have you rushed to grab a picture of something amazing happening right before your eyes, only to get a result that's too blurry or out of focus to use? Well before you click that delete button in disappointment, you may want to check out this impressive app that takes steps to de-blur your snaps.

SmartDeblur was developed by Vladimir Yuzhikov to fix two tough problems that we all encounter with picture taking, blurring due to poor focusing, and blurring due to camera movement during the exposure. Either one can seemingly ruin a picture, but Yuzhikov says that you shouldn't assume that all is lost.

Yuzhikov saw fixing these problems as a challenge, and has managed to develop some pretty incredible tools to fix them. Check out the gallery to see some before and after shots of SmartDeblur in action. Admittedly, it can't make your crappy blurry shot suddenly look like you had a tripod to hold things, but it can take an unusable image and turn it into something useful.

The math involved in fixing these problems can get pretty deep, but Yuzhikov does his best to explain it in understandable language over on his website.

The whole effect kind of reminds me of that focus later Lytro camera, but with the huge bonus of working on images from any camera.

Best of all, SmartDeblur is available to try as a free download. Well, as long as you're a PC user.

SmartDeblur, via Gizmodo

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