Felix Baumgartner pararachutes from the stratosphere, lives

Felix Baumgartner had a pretty good weekend. Baumgartner shattered a few world records and popped a huge bubble of anticipation as he leapt from the stratosphere and rocketed past the sound barrier, reaching Mach 1.2 (833 mph) as he hurtled towards the ground. Happily, he didn't shatter himself.

Baumgartner's amazing feat began 24 miles above the Earth, quite literally from the edge of Space. The jump broke the world record for the highest parachute jump, which was held by Joseph Kittinger and had stood for 52 years. Kittinger launched from 102,800 feet, while Baumgartner bested him at 128,000 feet. Kittinger retains the record for the world's longest lasting free fall. Baumgartner's lasted four minutes and 20 seconds, while Kittinger remained in free fall for an additional sixteen seconds. Wired explains why Baumgartner fell short on that account.

Another record that Baumgartner may not have expected to break was the YouTube livestreaming record. More than eight million tuned into YouTube to watch Baumgartner's Red Bull sponsored — but perhaps not fueled — jump. That means Baumgartner beat out the London Olympics, last year's Royal Wedding and President Obama's inauguration.

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