Facebook's kind enough to let you promote posts for $7

Ahh, Facebook. There was once a time when it was nothing more than a way for college kids to pass the time and/or find out if that cute girl/guy in history class was single. Now, it's become one of the premiere marketing tools in the world, and it's decided to go ahead and make some dough off this fact.

That's right, for about seven bucks, people can "promote" their posts, which is exactly what it sounds like: your post would be given higher priority and reach more users. At the moment, this is a select few as Facebook has only released this feature to a small number of U.S. users.

And the price isn't set either. At the moment, the company said it is "considering a variety of prices."

Which is good. I'm not sure if promoting photos of your cat are quite worth seven big ones.

First released in New Zealand (draw whatever conclusions you may), it has now reached 20 different countries, though all in a limited capacity. At the moment, the feature is limited to those with less than 5,000 users.

Whether or not this catches on obviously remains to be seen, but it seems fairly useless for the regular Joe. I can't imagine anything I've ever posted that I need people to see so badly, I'll pay to get it out there. But I have to admit, I can see this leading to some pretty entertaining posts.


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