Despite looks, B&O AirPlay speaker won't hunt aliens

Denmark's Bang & Olufsen has been making some of the world's most stylish home electronics gear for decades, but usually they're cool and discreet, rather than loud and in your face. That can't be said of the new BeoPlay A9 speaker, which kind of makes it look like you're trying to pull in some North Korean TV channels.

The BeoPlay A9 is an all-in-one powered speaker that gets its signal from either a DLNA enabled Ethernet connection, or wirelessly using AirPlay. Just in case you're still living in a 2005 technology mindset, there's also a 3.5mm analog jack for your wirelessly deprived music player, and a USB port if you simply want to load up some music on a flash drive.

The A9 is about three feet in diameter, and can be hung on the wall like a giant plate, or sat on the floor with its three wooden legs attached. Three built in DSP equalizer settings let you adjust the tonal balance to match where you have the A9 positioned. As with pretty much all so-called wireless systems you will need at least one wire, a power cord to provide the juice.

Under its stylish wrapper the A9 is a single point stereo speaker, with two tweeter, two midrange drivers, and an eight inch woofer that's shared by both channels. The amplifier power on hand adds up to a total of 480 watts, with 80 watts for each midrange and tweeter driver plus 160 watts for the woofer.

To make sure that the A9 fits into your Eurosleek decor, the front surface of the disc is covered with a stretch fabric, and comes in your choice of silver, white, black, red, green and brown. Additional covers are available, and simple stretch over the speaker like an oversized hair net.

As with most things B&O the BeoPlay A9 speaker doesn't come cheap, with prices starting at around $2,700. Deliveries are expected to begin in mid November.

Check out the video to see how B&O puts together the BeoPlay A9.

Via SlashGear

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