Delta Six gun controller hits Kickstarter

The Delta Six is a gun controller that promises to make first-person shooters a whole lot more literal. Joining Kickstarter on Friday, the gun controller will be compatible with current consoles (sub the Wii U in for the Wii) and even the Ouya. An $89 pledge will net you your very own Delta Six.

With controllers like these, it's natural to expect a thick layer of cheese covering everything from the marketing materials to the product itself. The Delta Six, however, does a fine job of taking itself seriously. The hardware is being developed by inventor David Kotkin and his team of veterans from the well-received Avenger product. The Delta Six looks to build on that niche product's success.

There are no analog sticks here — moving and aiming is controlled by gyroscopes in the controller. Small, quick motions, similar to the Oculus Rift, provide fine grain control over aim. This could be supremely cool if the controller successfully delivers the feel of using a firearm without spoiling how a game plays.

Face buttons are on the grip of the controller, each one finding its respective place under the natural position of one's fingers. There is a pressure sensor near the scope, and when you look down the sights, the game will transition accordingly, causing your digital self to do the same. The controller is quite obviously designed to replicate using an actual weapon. As fine as dual analog control has become, the Delta Six stands a chance of making the experience of playing the game deeper.

In that vein, the immersion factor will be high, but it remains to be seen if the Delta Six will be accurate and responsive enough to not only change the experience of first person shooters, but capture the imagination of the competitive first-person shooter scene.

You can learn more about the Delta Six here. It's stated that finished models will be all-white and sport an orange tip so that they won't be mistaken for real firearms.

Kickstarter via Engadget

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