Magazine crams in working Android cellphone for video ad

Those cute greeting cards that play a little tune seemed high-tech 20 years ago, but now an advertising campaign has taken the embedded tech idea to a whole new level. The ad, in this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine, has a screen that displays a live video feed, and it's powered by a complete working Android cellphone buried between the pages of the magazine.

When you open the page with the ad, the screen fires up and plays a couple of clips from shows on the CW Network, the owner of the ad, along with some live tweets and other info. Flip the page again, and the screen turns off.

The folks over at Mashable got their hands on a copy, and naturally they decided to dissect the advertisement so they could see what makes it tick. At first it seemed like there was just a battery and a switch connected to a screen, but the more they cut the pages away, the clearer it became that was actually built around a complete working cellphone built by Foxconn. It comes complete with a full keypad, USB port, camera and speaker, even though they aren't used as part of the advertising. Heck, it's even got an activated SIM card, and by poking around at the unlabelled buttons you can even use it to make calls.

Why they built the advertisement this way isn't clear, but you've got to assume that using off-the-shelf phone parts turned out to be cheaper than getting something custom made. Still, how cool would it be to chop one of these out and fashion some kind of case to turn it into a useable phone?

Word is that Entertainment Weekly printed just 1,000 copies with the phone-based CW ad in it. So if you want one, jog on down to your local newsstand to see if you can hit the jackpot.

Check out the video below to see Mashable's complete teardown.

Via Mashable

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