Blogger pays to be slapped to keep him off social media

Social media can be a pretty addictive pastime, and as any white-collar worker in the 21st century can attest, it can easily distract from a more productive workday. Maneesh Sethi felt himself in the clutches of this addiction, but rather than a 12-step program, he came up with a 1 stepper. He gets women to slap the addiction out of him.

Sethi, who runs a blog named Hack the System, turned to the place all men who need women to slap them turn: Craigslist.

It's questionable whether this is positive or negative reinforcement. A quick read of his blog makes one wonder if he enjoys the slapping. Either way, he's paying for it, so one can only presume it's working.

Watch him get slapped below!


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