Best job ever: 24/7 cloud gazer

Look, I'm all for robots getting jobs. I've still got that old-timey futurist bug in me that hopes perfecting autonomy will deliver the human race unto an age of infinite leisure. Did we have to give up gazing at clouds so early, though? What I'm saying is this: I'm pretty dang jealous of this robot.

Designed by Neil Usher, the Pareidolic Robot is tasked with relentlessly scanning the sky and looking for familiar shapes, such as a cloud or, if it reads DVICE, a railgun. When it spots something in a cloud formation that looks familiar, it takes a picture:


From Usher's design description:

"Robots are designed to perform precise and repetitive operations with relentless efficiency, performing the tasks we find too laborious or dangerous. However, could these robots be deployed to improve the efficiency of our leisure time by performing tasks we enjoy? Could intelligent machines bird watch for us or look for four-leaf clovers? Could they optimise our pastimes, searching for patterns and spectacle in nature that would be imperceptible or too time-consuming for us to find for ourselves?"

Could robots help us relax better? I have no idea, but rest assured, dear reader — I'll gladly lie in a meadow next to Usher's 'bot and compare notes.

Here's a view from the top as it has a pretty cool look to it:


Neil Usher, via di12

(Thanks, Christopher!)

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