Baby-controlled Aliens power loader costume wins Halloween

The super storm known as Frankenstorm by some and Hurricane Sandy to others, is forecast to last until mid-week, threatening to put a damper on Halloween festivities on the East Coast of the U.S. But on the West Coast, even toddlers are already making Halloween history.

A Reddit user based in Los Angeles posted a photo of his friend, a father out for the night with his baby daughter, dressed in what may be the best science fiction-oriented Halloween costume of all time. The costume is a replica of the Caterpillar P-5000 Power Loader operated by Ripley in Aliens to (Spoiler Alert) fight off the queen Xenomorph. Dad is covered up to look like the Power Loader exoskeleton, while the baby girl is seated in Ripley's operator chair. According to the original poster, the father and daughter team went on to win best costume at a local party later that night.

Dad eventually sent the well-behaved daughter home with her mother, replacing the baby with the tiny stuffed animal. If there was ever a better combination of cute-meets-sci-fi-badassery on display for Halloween, we haven't seen it.

Via Reddit

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