$50-a-cup elephant dung coffee has hints of chocolate

We've seen some fancy ways to improve the flavor of your morning brew, but few can compare to sending it through the digestive tract of an elephant for a little biological flavor enhancement.

The idea is that the elephants eat the entire coffee cherries that contain the beans, then, during the digestive process, enzymes will break down proteins in the beans resulting in a far less bitter brew. At the other end of the process the beans are extracted from the elephant poop, dried, then ground and brewed as normal.

Experts describe the resulting coffee as having a reddish-golden hue, and a flavor with hints of fresh cut grass, chocolate, spice and nuts. Thirsty yet?

Where it's found, Black Ivory coffee sells for about $500 a pound, or $50 a pop if you want to buy it by the cup. If that sounds kind of steep, but you can rest assured that part of the proceeds go to support Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. Still, at that price I'm guessing that there's nothing bottomless about this cup of joe — and it's only available at Anantara resorts in the Maldives and Thailand.

If drinking poop digested coffee makes you feel a little queasy, remember that most of the vegetables we eat are fertilized with manure, and what the heck is that?

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