16 ways cartoonist Winsor McCay quietly changed the world

A few days ago Google made a big online splash with one of its most elaborate doodles to date. For those who didn't see it, the doodle honored a man named Winsor McCay. Entitled Little Nemo in Google-land, the doodle was drawn in the style of McCay's most famous comic Little Nemo in Slumberland. It was also released on the 107th anniversary of Little Nemo's debut.

So why did Google drudge up a name that most of us never knew? Same-day reporting mentioned that he was an animation pioneer, influenced Walt Disney, was a vaudevillian comedian and things of that nature. To my mind, this hardly does the memory of Mr. McCay justice. This man was not just a pioneer or an early adapter in the realms of comics or cartoons. Winsor McCay was the big bang that set the twin worlds of comics and cartoons in motion.

Before McCay, the world did not have the comic book or the cartoon character. In his wake came torrents of followers and believers. I will even go so far as to say that everyone alive today has been affected by Winsor McCay in one way or another, whether they know it or not. Here are 16 ways his work might have touched your life.

Via Winsor McCay

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