13 geek caves where fans can live out their nerdiest dreams

Ladies and gentlemen, the man cave has evolved. It is now a geek cave, and it is filled with all manner of high-tech wonders. For who is better than the geek to transform the old shabby basements of the world? Ours is a world of exploration and advancement. Our realm is that of progress. The geek cave shall stand as a refuge for all great passions. The geeks shall build them, and the rest of the world shall marvel and be welcomed in!

Give us your Trekkers, your Victorianophiles, your Jedi yearning to believe. The geek cave shall rise up about each, wrapping them in the comforts they know so well. But these shall not simply be hideaways. The geek cave shall be a place for celebration and entertaining. Don't believe me? Feast your eyes upon these 13 marvels of geek engineering and judge for yourselves.

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