You can now watch Curiosity land on Mars in crisp, clear HD

If a spaceship was leaving for Mars tomorrow, I'd want to be on it. There is no spaceship leaving for Mars — not tomorrow and not for a while — but, thanks to good ol' Curiosity, I can still watch videos like this and pretend I'm on my way down toward our ruddy planetary neighbor.

Remarkably, this video doesn't come from the fine folks at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Instead, it comes from one fine fan: Bard Canning writes that it took him four weeks "working frame-by-frame" to make what you're seeing here. "It was a painstaking labor of love," he adds in his YouTube video description.

It was worth it, Bard. Oh, how worth it is it! Check it out in the video below. Be sure to crank up that HD goodness.

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Bard Canning on YouTube, via Mashable

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