World's largest, working QR code is also a giant maze in Canada

For decades crop circles have been the subject of conspiracy theories about aliens leaving maps and coded messages on our planet. But one new crop design that looks otherworldly is actually the world's largest QR code.

Designed by a family in Alberta, Canada, the QR code design measures about one square mile and was recently certified by Guinness World Records as the largest ever. And, amazingly, the code actually works. When scanned from a helicopter the code takes you to the family's website. In addition to serving as corn-powered Internet link, the crop design is also a massive maze open to the public.

If you do decide to visit the farm, and find that you tire of waiting for Malachai to pop out and scare you, they also offer pig races. You can check a local profile on the farm just before it received its Guinness certification in the video below.


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