Wearable camera takes shots for you, creates record of your day

The wearable camera "Autographer" provides a new twist on photography by taking the camera out of your hands and intelligently taking the snaps for you. It can capture up to 2,000 high-res pictures per day using its array of tools and then surprises you with a chronicle of your day.

Designed by British stop-motion specialists OMG, the camera is loaded with features. It has a 136-degree wide-angle lens designed to mimic the human eye so the shots would be seen as from your perspective. It also has five sensors — a magnetometer, color sensor, infrared detector, accelerometer, and temperature sensor which helps the camera identify when to take a snap based on subtle changes in the environment.

In addition to taking the photos there's plenty to help you add to the experience, such as a five megapixel sensor, a GPS module for geotagging and screen indicators and settings for charge level, memory capacity, sensor sensitivity and more. If you decide you want to take a shot yourself — don't worry, it also has a manual button on the side.

The camera has 8GB of memory so it can handle thousands of shots and once you are done, you've got even more tools to play with them. There's a smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth the camera for previewing and sharing shots. Custom software allows you to browse shots, arrange them, create GIFs or even view your entire day in a five-minute stop motion video.

An interesting backstory to the camera is that it was never really intended for consumers, but rather dementia sufferers to help remember their day. Fortunately someone suggested to OMG that the camera might have some appeal on a wider basis for travel or wedding photography, professional applications or even bloggers aiming to capture "a day in the life."

The Autographer will initially launch in the UK in November for £399 ($649). The US and Japan are next in line.

Via DigitalTrends, PetaPixel

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