Video: Cheetah-bot now officially faster than fastest humans

Boston Dynamics tweaked a few things with that Cheetah robot we showed you not too long ago, and now it's running even faster — faster than superhuman sprinter Usain Bolt, and almost as fast as your car. It hasn't quite caught up to your getaway vehicle just yet, but that's next on Boston Dynamics' list.

At 28.3 miles per hour, Boston Dynamics' Cheetah now claims the fastest land speed record for a legged 'bot, and, as mentioned, for any legged human. Usain Bolt is the fastest we've got, and he topped out at 27.78 mph during a 20-meter sprint, according to the IAAF. So Cheetah just barely noses ahead of Bolt, but future updates may see the 'bot leaving the Olympian in its dust: Boston Dynamics, which is developing Cheetah with funds from DARPA, hopes to one day see it cruising around at 50 mph.

See Cheetah whirly-bird its way toward a sprint in the video below. As soon as early next year we may see Cheetah take off the tether and start outdoor testing. Now that will be truly creepy (and awesome) to see.

Boston Dynamics, via IEEE Automaton

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