Ultimate DIY: Man builds a cozy corner office from an old bus

There's nothing like a passion project, right? Well, it doesn't get much bigger than turning a rusting hulk of a bus into a shiny new office space.

An unnamed Hungarian man just couldn't let an old Ikarus bus go completely to rust. He dreamt up a plan to take the front of the bus cabin and restore it as the perfect little office space.

When we say restore, we mean restore. As you'll see from the gallery below, there was a lot of sweat put into this project. He had to cut the cabin to fit the corner of the room, and then it was stripped down and rebuilt back up to what it must have looked like when it rolled off the production line. The lights still work, too.

In my opinion this little bit of DIY would have been cool enough just as a conversation piece, but with the inside has been fitted out as a unique little office it ups the stakes to a functional piece of art.

Enjoy the gallery below, complete with pictures during the restoration.

FreshHome, via Neatorama

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