Treadmill-bicycle mashup defies all logic

So, we just went through this issue with the Fliz concept bicycle. Why not just run or cycle and call it a day? In this case, as the instructional video for the Treadmill Bike indicates: some people just want to take their favorite gym workout outside.

Despite the strange mashup of a treadmill on wheels, the video below goes to incredible lengths to show us that it's easy to use, a fantastic workout and a safe way to get around. It's even cool enough to use for mountain biking and a little trick riding. Heck, it's even the future of business transportation as we learn from the suit riding one.

If it all sounds too good (or strange) to be true, that's because it is. Though there are clearly several prototype treadmill bikes in action, it appears the video — created quite a while ago and going around now — and concept are one company's incredible efforts to make us aware of some bicycle design software for sale called BikeCAD Pro.

Okay, so we're onto you guys, but we've got to give you props for not only coming up with such a ridiculous idea, but actually creating a few of these treadmill bikes to do it — and getting people to ride them!

Who knows? Maybe even that software could be pressed into service to make a few more of these quirky machines and they could go worldwide.

BikeCadPro/, via Core77

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