Tossable ball camera captures life on the fly

Cameras can go just about anywhere these days, but hurtling one through the air at high speed isn't what normally comes to mind. This ball camera brings a new perspective to camera angles, embedded inside a ball that can fly through the air.

This mockup of the Squito shows just one concept of how Steve Hollinger's airborne camera might look. Hollinger was just awarded a patent for his technology, which uses multiple cameras inside the ball, and can stitch the images together to create a seamless picture no matter how the ball spins.

It's somewhat similar to that big foam covered camera ball we saw last year, only this one captures video in addition to still pictures.

Hollinger sees it being used for things like reconnaissance and search and rescue, but I think there are sports applications which are potentially the most interesting. Imagine being able to fly with the ball during an Aroldis Chapman fastball, or a football version that lets you experience a Eli Manning pass into the end zone. In-car cameras during car races can be pretty exciting, but this could be even more intense.

Now that he's armed with his patent, Hollinger has started work on a functioning prototype, we'll keep you updated.

Via Slashgear

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