Sensor-equipped bike helmet calls for help when you crash

Many of us have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact programmed into our phones. It's a great concept that's being taken further by a tiny sensor added to a cyclist's helmet to determine if they've taken a spill — and, if so, it uses Bluetooth to trigger the accompanying app to call their contact.

The sensor is being programmed to not only determine if you've been in an accident, but also how serious the incident may have been, and then it calls your contact with GPS coordinates of where you are.

We all know there are times when we might drop our helmet, or simply tip over on the bike, without getting injured. The app has an emergency countdown so the user can manually abort the call and avoid worrying your contact.

Since you can't always count on someone to stop and give you a helping hand, or for times when you are out on a secluded trail, the ICEdot is a great backup for those who might have a nasty spill.

And while designed for cyclist's helmets, it could be a valuable tool elsewhere, such as monitoring construction workers on busy work sites.

The ICEdot is being created with the help of Sense Tech LLC, and should be available sometime next year for an estimated price of $200.

ICEdot, via Gizmodo,Trendhunter

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