This box turns your iPhone into an old school Polaroid machine

Instagram is great at imitating old school photo effects on your iPhone, but there's nothing like holding an instant artifact of a special moment in your hands. To that end, a new device that uses your iPhone to instantly produce '70s-style Polaroid prints is the latest example of why analog isn't necessary bad.

The Impossible Instant Lab is a project from Germany that uses the iPhone in conjunction with a modified Polaroid shell to give you great looking instant photos that can be shared in meat space. The group that launched this as a Kickstarter project claims to have purchased one of the last Polaroid factories in the world, in Enschede, The Netherlands, back in 2008 as a key component toward getting this project off the ground.

Assuming the project meets its funding goal, the device is scheduled to go on sale for $299 in February 2013. You can see the Impossible Instant Lab device in action in the video below.

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