Gryo-stabalized two-wheeler from the future never tips over

Half motorcycle, half car and all electric, the C-1 by Lit Motors is the world's first gyroscopically stabilized EV. Designed and built from scratch, the C-1 is a fresh look for an electric vehicle, one that smashes perceptions and industry benchmarks to boot.

Let's start out with performance. The C-1 goes from zero to 60 in six seconds flat. That's just as fast as your daddy's Camaro. And 60 isn't the ceiling. This thing's top speed is over 100 mph. The C-1 also breaks range benchmark by hitting 200 miles per charge.

Now, what will it cost you? That depends on how long you hold out for one. Need it ASAP? You'll be able to pick one up by 2014 for a cool $24,000. That's due to Lit Motors' relatively small initial construction capacity. But here's the good news: wait a year, and the C-1 will drop to $16,000! That's a savings of 33% in just one year. Wait a couple more years, say until 2018 when Lit plans to be at full production capacity, and you can pick one up for $12,500. Factor in the savings on each tank of gas (a full charge costs about a buck) and Lit is practically paying you to own this thing.

Want more benefits? The C-1 is actually thin enough to lane split (where legal, of course), snaking you through traffic jams and saving your commute. That, while also offering all the amenities of the most modern of cars: AC, power windows, airbags and a Siri-like interface. The controls are all experienced through a minimalist HUD — a sort of Google Goggles for your car. You can even turn the C-1 on and maneuver it from your smartphone.

And don't worry, those gyroscopic stabilizers I mentioned will keep you upright, even if some irate hoser opens his door on you as you cruise through traffic jams while bumpin' to your Rdio and searching for a cool coffee shop. Oh, and watching the road — this thing doesn't drive itself.


Below, Lit Motors shows off the C-1 at TechCrunch's Disrupt event.

Via TechCrunch

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