Synthesizer taps your inner arcade music boss

With jangly repetitive tunes, inexplicable noises and "Good Games!", arcade sounds were so hypnotic you wondered how walked out of the arcade with no lunch money but a huge smile on your face at the end of a day. It's time to tap that feeling again with a chiptune synthesizer designed to make you the arcade music wizard this time.

The Pianocade will take you on a walk down memory lane that renders that same quirky arcade game music only with you at the helm. The device looks as old-school as the sounds — an elongated board with buttons and a joystick to help you create your own signature sound.

Don't be fooled though, this is a bona fide instrument with a 128 note range and a MIDI connection. Talk about being a boss — if you are a DJ or just like mixing your own tunes can you imagine sampling music from this thing?

You'd probably earn a few extra lives through the sheer coolness of the sounds. Say hello to nerdvana!

Via OhGizmo

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